Our Trustees

Emma Perkins

I’m Emma and I’m Sam’s wife. I’ve known Sam as a fun and cheeky kid at Primary School right up to now as the determined and inspirational person we see today. We’ve always been very active as a couple and love climbing to the top of things! I couldn’t be prouder of Sam for all he does to advocate for people with MND whilst dealing with this horrific disease himself. Stand Against MND is not only raising awareness and vital funds to research this cruel disease, along with all of his other successes in life, it will be a lasting legacy of Sam’s achievements. 

Rebecca Perkins


Victoria Alvis

I’m Vickie Alvis, I’ve known Sam for 12 years this year! From the moment I met Sam, as a potential husband of one of my besties, I knew that Sam was special. He has always had endless enthusiasm, kindness and is one of the most engaging people I know. Sam and my husband, Nick, took part in their first Ironman together and we’ve had many a Triathlon weekend and New Years as a group- Nick and I even enjoyed the first part Sam and Emma’s honeymoon with them! When Sam was diagnosed we were all devastated. However, we were not allowed to be that way for long. One of the first things that Sam made clear to us was that he was going to live his way and advocate for people with MND as well as he could. He is a true example to everyone. Thinking of others before himself. My two young boys adore him (and Emma and Bertie) and my eldest in particular is so proud of Uncle Sam. He tells everyone about his successes and fundraising and I am so happy that they have had the chance to know him and learn from him. What a role model for them. Sam’s aim of raising awareness and funding vital research is so important and I am so happy to be a small part of that.   

Alastair Hall

I’m Alastair and I am one of Sam’s oldest friends. I have known Sam since we were 5 years old and have been close friends ever since.

As friends we enjoy going to gigs, holidays and sporting events, but predominantly our time is spent together over our love of Nottingham Forest. Over the last three decades we have been to several hundred games together and it is really inspiring to see Sam still going and not letting MND stop him doing the things he loves.

For me the most amazing thing about Sam is his ability to bring people together and that is what has made Stand Against MND the success it has been so far.

Stand Against MND has been and will continue to play a significant part in the battle against MND and this is all down to Sam and his inspirational determination.

Greg Mitchell 

I'm Greg and I've known Sam for many years, from our shared love and passion for NFFC, to being on some of those very early bike rides when Sam first discovered his love for cycling. Then taking him down some ski slopes he probably shouldn't have been trying with his limited hours of practice... I've seen just how powerful Sam's passion and determination can be, I often find myself thinking of Sam when in need of inspiration and he always delivers.

When Sam first fell noticeably poorly, although I could see a change happening with his body and fitness I never truly believed it could be MND. We went out for our annual 12 pubs of Xmas and Sam, clearly poorly, still came and tried to have a great night, just like normal.

When myself and Ally, another great friend of Sam's and another trustee, went to visit Sam in hospital that first time, I was devastated on hearing his diagnosis. Yet it was Sam who was trying to lift the mood, he'd just been told off by the nurses for trying to fix the broken curtains in his room whilst stood on a chair! It was Sam trying to make me feel better, telling us the doctors told him to eat full fat cream and all the stuff you usually shouldn't to put some weight on. He was missing NFFC games and one way or another he was determined to make sure he had the commentary on at least...

To this day whenever I'm feeling low or have gone a bit quiet it's always Sam who's the first to check in. No matter what he goes through he always finds a way to create some kind of positive from it, his efforts with Stand Against MND epitomise this.

I feel inspired by my friend and what he manages to do no matter what is put in front of him, he pushes me everyday. 

I've never been prouder to call him my friend and am privileged to help in anyway I can with this wonderful charity.

Richard Carey

I'm Richard, I've known Sam since he was 12 years old and am proud to call him my best mate. Sam has been by my side at all life's important moments and is godfather to my son. Throughout his life, Sam has been so incredibly generous with his love, time and support. As a trustee for Sam's amazing charity I'm hoping I can give just a little bit back to help find a cure for this cruel disease.