The Fifty50 Campaign

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The Fifty50 campaign is looking to recruit a minimum of Fifty fundraisers (individuals or groups), each committed to raising at least £500 over the 12 months to October 2024, in any way they like!

Collectively this will result in an amazing £25,000 to further our Stand Against MND.

The campaign is named to highlight the brutal statistic MND patients are given when they are diagnosed: 50% of patients die within 2 years of that diagnosis. 

We are also committed to spending EVERY SINGLE PENNY that we raise through this campaign, on research to help change the cruel statistics patients, and their families, are faced with. 

If being part of this campaign isn't quite tempting enough... Sam also wants to invite every single fundraiser to his birthday party next year, he loves a big do!

If you would like to join in and fundraise as part of the campaign, please email us at: or you can sign up directly at the campaign website:

If you would like to cover the campaign in any media, you can download our official press release by clicking here